Act Local, Target Global

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time was, I was just a 'local agent.' It was important I worked in the town, heck the same neighborhood, as my clients. Wow what a difference five years makes.

The Secret to Connecting With New Customers Using Door Hanger Marketing

Remember a time, not so long ago when we could market a product or service easily? We could buy advertising on a couple of stations and most of the time we would see results. Ah, the good old days..

If you're like most, you know marketing isn't that easy anymore. Still, you've got to wonder, is there any other of way of reaching your targeted demo and getting similar results? The answer is yes...

Learning Can Be Fun!

"Why does it always feel so hard?" One of my clients said this to me last week when we were talking about what it takes to grow a business. Have you ever felt this way?

Then I say to you - you're doing it all wrong. Yes, growing a business can be hard work - in the words of my mentor, Larry Winget: "They call it W.O.R.K. for a reason", LOL.

Local Store Marketing: "Be" The News!

What person knows the most about what is happening at your store? You!

It is your responsibility to create news about your store - don't wait for others to do this for you. Being proactive with the local newspapers to generate news coverage on your store is an excellent way to get third-party endorsement. Many of the editors - and in particular, the beat reporters - are constantly looking for news stories on area businesses. It's up to you to entice them. Feeding them with ongoing news and information regarding your store helps establish a relationship that they will appreciate.