More Clients More Money - 8 Mistakes Coaches Make When Marketing Their Services

1. You aren't clear on your target market

Simply saying I'm a leadership coach isn't enough. What type of leaders do you coach? What type of company do they work for? What challenges do they face? What outcomes do they want? Being clear on this stuff means you can quickly engage potential clients in conversation. And not waste time nurturing false leads.

The Importance Of A Marketing Plan

In today's world, the marketing buzz seems to be surrounding the internet much more than print media. For all the clients I deal with, I have to remind them of the basics of marketing before they launch money at any advertising. There is an amazing rate of new companies opening up these days with a contagious energy to be busy and to work. After a while they see the need to advertise and want things done fast. 99% of the time, they have overlooked the importance of walking before they run. This is perfectly understandable, and I encourage them to maintain their enthusiasm for advertising. First, I provide the list below to them and talk about why they are in the business they are in. With all the points listed in mind, after a brief discussion, most realise the biggest flaw they have is not having a clear Unique Selling Point. Advertising anywhere without a clear U.S.P. is simply adding more noise to the already noisy advertising mediums. In the greater picture, advertising dollars can be saved by knowing what you are advertising before you decide where. Most companies can cut their advertising budget in half, and retain the same return on investment with a better understanding of their own business marketing plan. Have a look through the list below yourself and see if you can use any of the points to change what you advertise, where you advertise and revaluate how much you spend .

Calendar Printing - A Potent Marketing and Visibility Augmentation Tool

This is the age of iPhone, iPads and other breeds of Smartphone. Within a blink of an eye one can download business apps. These apps not only help them to schedule and plan their processes, but also provide timely notifications. In this age of digital dominance, one might find the place of an organization calendar grossly outdated. The reality though is far from that. In fact, the organization peripheral has more than one use to render.

Get Fresh Leads With Newsletter Advertising

Did you know that 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email?

That's why companies like eBay, Amazon, Zappos and other online stores put a lot of effort in their direct marketing materials. Their newsletter subscribers are their best customers and best marketers.