iPad: The Retail Mobile Commerce Champion

As more studies are conducted, it is becoming increasing clear that the iPad is becoming the champion of mobile commerce. According to the 2013 Adobe Digital Index, it has been found that retailers generate greater sales through tablets than they do through smartphones (see our most recent blog, "Why Retailers Should Focus Their Mobile Commerce Strategy on Tablets"). Although Android-based tablets have gained a larger global market share over Apple's iPad, with the statistics and studies available, the iPad

Landing an Inside Contact - The Easiest Way to Sell Your Product

Inventors will have a far easier time striking a deal with a marketer or distributor when they have a strong supporter inside the potential partner company. You want to find the supporter early before you make any formal sales calls. The contact can then help you fine tune your presentations to the company's needs. They will also advocate for your project inside the company, urging management to move ahead with your offer. Typically you want to find either a regional manager or a marketing manager to help you.

Merits of Using Customer Surveys in Your Marketing Strategy

The market is a competitive place. Your target customers are scattered and spoiled for choice. Their attention span is short and divided among innumerable avenues. It is no wonder that marketers are constantly and increasingly feeling the strain of retaining their customers, leave alone growing revenues in the present day economy.

List Building: Don't Touch Your Business Until You Have a Customer List!

Why you need a customer list and how to get it is the very bane of most companies and businesses around the world. Getting, and keeping, loyal customers is one of the most difficult prospects in the working world. But gaining one is one of the most important things you can do as an owner/employee.

Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Page

For many years, it seemed like LinkedIn cruised along without making many changes. As a result, many people, both on a personal and business level, set their accounts up and then left them to stagnate. Over the past year, however, LinkedIn has made a lot of improvements to the site, so if you haven't updated your profile in a while, now is a great time.

Marketing Myth Number 2 of Traditional Marketing

Marketing Myth #2 of Traditional Marketing and the New Reality of Attracting Perfect Customers.

Here is the second in our series of 10 tips that are occurring in the sales and marketing world as a result of introducing the Strategic Attraction™ Planning Process. These shifts are movements away from the misconceptions and myths held as truths in traditional marketing methodologies and toward a new sales and marketing reality.

Marketing Tip: Don't Be Creepy

There are many ways to market your business. Some are in-your-face and others subtle... and then there are the ones that are downright creepy.

Humans are hardwired for creepiness. Hearing extra footsteps following you down a deserted path is creepy. Seeing the same stranger constantly popping up near you is creepy. Someone repeating seemingly random actions over and over is creepy.

Ways to Market Your Business Using Personalised Print Products

Marketing your business to the people who matter must be conducted offline as well as online and personalised print products and stationery can ultimately present a united front when promoting your company in the public domain and wider industry. There are a comprehensive range of print products available but knowing how to use them to your advantage is the driving force behind the most successful offline marketing strategies.