List Building: Don't Touch Your Business Until You Have a Customer List!

Why you need a customer list and how to get it is the very bane of most companies and businesses around the world. Getting, and keeping, loyal customers is one of the most difficult prospects in the working world. But gaining one is one of the most important things you can do as an owner/employee.

Like having a well, Lists are an opportunity to keep in touch with many people and sell to them in an expedient manner. Why worry about posting to social sites over and over again when you can just draw up a monthly newsletter or message and send it out to hundreds or even thousands of people? Customers will find you far more professional and interesting when you send directly to their email and are more likely to buy from you after they see your product multiple times. Not to mention it's very easy for them to simply forward the email of a product they like to a friend.

Usually, the sale isn't made the first time you see someone. It usually happens after being exposed 3 to 5 times. The reason? Because people don't know you and don't trust you. It's not personal, it's simply because they are buffered with other products constantly which they already know and love. Give them time to learn more about you and your product and they'll be back and buying.

Gain trust and report with them. Again, no trust, no buy. If the people don't know you, your knowledge, or your product, they won't care about you and won't buy what you offer. The more you speak to them and the more they see your product, the more likely they'll be to buy from you and not your competitor. People like to be safe and secure in their buying so it's up to you to make sure they know their hard-earned money is spent for a good reason.

Loyalty is gained when you earn the trust of the customers. With a customer list, you can gain that loyalty and also improve it when you offer special deals and promotions of quality. When you prove that you have a great product and excellent service, you'll show the customer that they are safe sending you their money. But you can't send promotions without your list.

All of this is moot, however, if you don't keep in contact with your list and keep people coming back. Maintaining interest is a great way to keep up with customers and promote other products you might come up with later on. You can also promote other people or company's works, such as affiliates or sponsors, which translates into potential sales or profits for you and your affiliates.

But one of the best reasons I've found for list building is to save money and time. Advertising is one of the hardest and most money-consuming parts of business. However, what is so difficult about sending an email or newsletter every week or two and letting people know that you're open for business? Seems pretty cheap too. With mail sites such as AWeber costing only $1 for the first month and only $19 a month for the first 500 people, I'd say it's not bad. Considering an ad on TV will run you hundreds or perhaps even thousands of dollars.

Marketing is one of the most profitable but also difficult parts of business. But if you master your list building skills you'll find it's also one of the most rewarding tasks you'll enjoy as it's simple and straightforward. Don't wait until the customers drift away like leaves in the fall. Get that list going and capture current, and build the possible future, customer base now!

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