Marketing Myth Number 2 of Traditional Marketing

Marketing Myth #2 of Traditional Marketing and the New Reality of Attracting Perfect Customers.

Here is the second in our series of 10 tips that are occurring in the sales and marketing world as a result of introducing the Strategic Attraction™ Planning Process. These shifts are movements away from the misconceptions and myths held as truths in traditional marketing methodologies and toward a new sales and marketing reality.

The old belief is that on average, you can expect 80% of your company's customers to be less-than-perfect.

New Reality: It is possible for all of your customers to be perfect.

Traditional marketing and customer service strategies are based on the 80-20 rule -- 80% of a company's profits come from 20% of a company's customers. These strategies focus time, money, and attention on attempting to gain a greater share of business from the other 80% of the company's customers. Yet, studies have proven that, even with additional attention focused on these less-than-perfect customers, the average increase in profits will only be an additional 5%.

So, the Strategic Attraction™ Planning Process asks the question -- Why does a company need the other 80% of its customers at all?

Those additional less-than-perfect customers require the company to hire more employees and make concessions that drain the company of its time, energy, and money... with little hope of obtaining a return on that investment.

We now ask -- Why not put the same amount of time, energy, money, and focus on creating a Strategic Attraction™ Plan that will validate your focusing on the 20% that are already a perfect fit? These are the ones that deserve this attention. And, they are the ones that can refer you to other customers just like them

Are you ready to throw out the 80-20 rule and adopt the 100% rule?

Now would be a good time for you to take advantage of the huge opportunity in front of you by creating or refining your Strategic Attraction™ Plan.

This one attractive action will remind you of your true mission, your passion, purpose, and aspirations. You will be refreshed, and your daily actions will be more attractive.

Creating Lucrative Loyal Raving Fans is the foundation of any successful business, and for so many of our clients, working through each one of our tips has produced an incredible difference in their ability to powerfully and seemingly magically attract lots of new business. That's the "Power of Strategic Synchronicity". There are perfect customers all around you right now, all you have to do is take off your blinders to see them.

You have to do the work. Just downloading and reading our tips or our free report or listening to the audios won't get you the real results. You'll need to apply what you've learned, and take action.

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