Multi-Task or Focus? The Truth About Which Work Style Gets the Job Done

Do you feel like you are rushing through your day and not giving any one thing your full attention? I know how easily this can happen because many people use a multi task approach which leaves them feeling scattered and their projects incomplete.

Let me share what I do. First, I have a mantra that I live by, "A strong focus now creates a different future later." My team knows not to just walk into my office. If they do, I will just say, "I'm sorry. I can't talk right now, I'm focused." This might seem abrupt, but when I'm doing one thing, I need to do that one thing only.

Selling Big: Finding the Right Marketing Partners

Once inventors have a product ready to sell, they need to decide how to market the product. They might choose to sell the product themselves, which generates the most profit per sale, but the main drawback is that sales might get off to a slow start or never get started at all. Another option is to land a marketing partner-another company already selling into the target market-which has the potential for very fast sales growth, but the main drawback is they will need to give 20 to 25% of their sales volume to the marketing partner to cover sales and marketing costs. At first glance the 20 to 25% seems high, but in reality most consumer products companies spend approximately 20% to cover sales and marketing costs. Selling through a marketing partner may not be viable if you have small margins, but it is often the best course for fast sales growth for inventors with high margin products, where the product's wholesale sales price is at least twice the product's manufacturing costs. This article covers how to find a strong marketing partner to sell your product.

How to Make Money on Your Product for Years, Not Months

New products are being replaced by newer products at an increasing pace. This means that each new product sells for a shorter time that products previously sold. This greatly impacts how much money inventors are making. How do you know if your product will stand the test of time? Will your product sell long enough to make back your investment or will it keep on selling so you can actually make money? How much does your product's longevity depend on your marketing and how much depends on your product? Of course, some products only can succeed for a short amount of time, but with a well thought-out marketing plan, you can extend the life of almost any product. Let's look at Shrinky Dinks, a product invented in 1973 by Betty Morris.

How to Make the Most of Your Idea

One night, while working as a patrol officer, Brian Quittner was writing a ticket. He was trying to hold his flashlight under one arm so he could see what he was writing and then the flashlight slipped, fell and broke, leaving him in an awkward situation. He said the classic phrase of the inventor, "There has got to be a better way," and the next day created his hands-free mobile light source.

Quittner's device can be worn around the neck and uses LED light, which doesn't interrupt night vision, meaning your eyes don't need to readjust, helping officers stay alert and perceptive in potentially dangerous situations. He has been selling his Quiqlite since 2000 to police officers and security guards worldwide.

I've Hired a Business Coach - Now What

Congratulations! You've joined the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who work with a business coach. For many of you, for whom this is a new experience, you're now asking yourself: "Now what?"

That's pretty normal, just so you know. What people don't often tell you is HOW to work effectively with a business coach - so let me give you a few tips that have worked well for me.

Promote Your Business With Attractive Banners And Display Flags

Marketing plays a very essential role in the promotion of any large or small scale business. Any firm providing services or offering products with its strategies and policies need to plan out advertising techniques to attract customers and the public. Marketing involves various techniques and ways to promote any business. The major means of promotion is an advertisement. We can see lots of advertisements and firms doing promotion everywhere.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Content For a Starting Affiliate Marketer

In today's internet marketing landscape, content is king. Right after Google's Panda and Penguin updates, the search engine algorithm has favored information rich pages. This simply makes quality copywriting one of the best affiliate techniques today. It brings in traffic, and it favors the Google spiders. The gold standard of the effective affiliate techniques is measured through the traffic and the conversion that it delivers to the site. So what makes a good content that every affiliate marketer should know?

Tips to Create Captivating Window Displays

Remember that your retail window displays are like billboards for your retail shop. Thus, they can either attract or put off your customers the moment they enter to your shop or walk past it. So here are some tips in coming up with captivating window display for your store.

SEO And Other Marketing Strategies Still Trending Today

Contrary to the speculation of some skeptics that the online marketing strategy is dying away, the Search Engine Optimization arena has never been this alive. Although there may be some changes, still the age of this online technology has not shown any signs of wavering. There are new polices drawn, however it can be managed given the marketers think of a new approach. Whether it is an old or new business, they are still turning to SEO for effective marketing. Again, there may be some impact on the changes drawn up by leading search engines however it is not stopping the businesses from using SEO services to achieve that much needed online presence.

The 3-Step Copywriting Formula That Does Everything From Get You a New Job to Sell Printing

One of the secrets of great copywriters is that many pieces of writing use simple templates or formulas as a base. If you know the formula, all you need to do is follow along with the recipe and you will get a great result.

The Benefits of Applying the Law of Attraction in Business

The Law of Attraction is an ancient philosophy which has been taught and practised by spiritual gurus and teachers throughout the ages. Millions of people practise this philosophy in their personal life to bring them peace, happiness, health and prosperity, among other things. In today's modern, often unstable economy, increasing numbers of business owners are applying the Law of Attraction in their business for business growth - and are achieving remarkable success as a result.

How To Give Presence To Your Web Marketing Voice

One of the most amazing books which can help is "Presence" by Patsy Rodenburg. Patsy is a voice coach for the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her book is actually about personal voice tone, style and presentation presence. However, on reading "Presence", you will find a great deal there to apply to business and web marketing too.

Why You Should Turn Your Niche Upside Down

No matter how much you think everyone will need what you offer, you still will need to determine who you're trying to reach, otherwise you won't be able to sell to anyone. This may seem counter-intuitive. If everyone needs your product, why wouldn't everyone buy it?

The 5 Myths Copywriters Wished You Knew

As a copywriter, my job is to discover your story and then tell it in a way that weaves magic over your audience. I am a professional storyteller - a teller of tales of heroes and daring adventures. Of quests and battles. And of love and connection.

A Few Tips on Selecting Lab Equipment for Your Needs

Purchasing the right kind of lab equipment can be a challenging task for lab professionals. Prompt and accurate results for laboratory tests mainly depend on the quality of lab equipment used. Leading manufacturers offer innovative lab devices incorporated with advanced technical specifications and functionalities. Analytical devices that ensure high performance can provide accurate and timely results for diagnostic procedures. Moreover, it is very important to buy quality instruments to enhance lab productivity and workflow. Here are some key factors to consider while purchasing lab instruments:

The Power of Host and Parasitic Business Relationships

Most businesses overlook a very unique concept in marketing known as the Host/Parasite Relationship Model. This area of marketing makes everything a business accomplishes 100 percent more profitable. The Host/Parasite Relationship Models occurs when two businesses enter a joint venture for mutual gain. This essentially means two companies playing offer each other's business for substantial profit.

The Single Most Underused, Powerful Marketing Tool For Solicitors

Whilst it's true there is no 'magic bullet' in terms of client acquisition, there is one marketing technique which is more powerful than just about any other. Yet it's astonishingly underused because of several key misconceptions. Customers have long sought the opinions of others before making a purchasing decision. Online, the source of those opinions is in the form of reviews and testimonials.

The Working Principles of Self Replicated Websites

Not only promoting its products and services, the distributors of a MLM company also need to follow up with their prospects and customers. They need replicated sites that offer a professional and automated web based system. The best systems should have replicated sites ready for immediate use with automatic follow-ups and other advanced features to increase sales and conversion.