The Working Principles of Self Replicated Websites

Not only promoting its products and services, the distributors of a MLM company also need to follow up with their prospects and customers. They need replicated sites that offer a professional and automated web based system. The best systems should have replicated sites ready for immediate use with automatic follow-ups and other advanced features to increase sales and conversion.

Request for a replicated site

The process starts when a network marketing company or MLM company contacts a provider of self replicated websites. The provider replicates the message of the company and also the selling propositions of the company to create effective lead capture pages. The provider usually keeps a provision for the distributors to add social media links and customized video content. This will help distributors in personalizing a replicated website.

How it works

As soon as a new distributor joins the network, the group leader or the MLM Company trains the new distributor about getting and using a replicated site. This will help him to attract new leads and prospects. When a prospect submits his relevant information on the lead capture page, an automated email is send to him that welcomes him in the network. Distributor can also use other features of self replicating sites to convert a lead.

Attracts new leads

The various integrated tools and features of self replicated websites help distributors to capture information of their prospects and maintain a continuous flow of prospects. The lead captures pages are ideally designed to deliver a sales pitch and also to attract prospects to submit their contact information. Pre-designed and personalized tools including posters, post cards and personalized flyers help to attract prospects and funnel down their information from the web form to the database of the distributor. Information can also be funnelled down to social networking sites and also to a distributor's blog.

Can be used anytime to attract leads

The perfectly designed and branded self replicating websites intrigues prospects to leave their contact information. Self replicated websites can be accessed from a computer, laptop and also smart phones, available with an Android and iPhone app to follow up via the back office. A distributor can be rest assured of continuing his marketing and networking efforts even when he is travelling or enjoying his vacation. A few of the other important features of a replicated website include unlimited email campaigns, call scripts for distributors, a professional virtual phone system and also centralized training.

Self replicated sites truly provide a customizable marketing and training suite that is perfect for direct sales persons, MLM companies and also for network marketing companies. By providing the distributors with a pre-designed and branded website along with fully integrated marketing tools, a replicated site helps distributors to achieve their goal easily and increase their conversion rate year after year.

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