I've Hired a Business Coach - Now What

Congratulations! You've joined the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who work with a business coach. For many of you, for whom this is a new experience, you're now asking yourself: "Now what?"

That's pretty normal, just so you know. What people don't often tell you is HOW to work effectively with a business coach - so let me give you a few tips that have worked well for me.

1) BENCHMARK YOUR BEGINNING. Be sure to complete some form of assessment at the beginning so you have an idea as to where you are starting, what you accomplish and how far you've come.

2) DEVELOP THE RELATIONSHIP. Working with a Business Coach is all about a process and a long-term relationship. As I am often heard saying, it is like the dating game - first comes the blind date, then you decide if you want a second date - thus, begins a relationship - and you move into a contractual agreement. It takes two to build the relationship - so you've got to get in the game. Coaches are not mind-readers!

3) COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE. It's all about asking questions and getting guidance. The Business coach is not going to do the work for you. There is no EASY button. You've got to form good questions, ask questions often - and do the work. Communicate regularly - keep your coach informed as to what you are doing - what's working and what's not working - and what you are accomplishing. Talk to each other! Be aware of the type of contract/program you've committed to with respect to accessibility to your coach. Then stay connected. Know also that your coach is there to help, support, guide and teach you. We don't want to hear from you just in the good times - it's in the tough times that you often, and really, need a lot of support. Reach out then, too!

4) BE ENGAGED IN THE PROCESS. OK - you've made a commitment - now, get in the game. Show up. Participate. Be engaged. Get on those group calls. Be on time. Be professional. Share. Ask Questions. Support your master mind colleagues. Do the work. Do.What.Your.Coach.Tells.You.To.Do!!!!!

5) CELEBRATE YOUR RESULTS. Successful coaching is about achieving results. You should be measuring your results - it's back to that benchmark again - and celebrating your successes. Create a plan for your business and for the time to up-level. This is not a short-term process. It is for the long haul.

YOU are the key to success in your coaching relationship. Give it time! An effective business coach can teach you - guide you - help you grow your business but you've got to show up and get in the game. No one is going to do this FOR you. This is the time to work ON your business - and not IN your business.

What is one thing you can do this week to work more effectively with your business coach?

Pat Mussieux is fast becoming regarded as a highly valued Canadian mentor for women entrepreneurs taking her own business from zero to a multiple 6-figure home-based business in less than 4 years. Much of her success can be attributed to her expertise in marketing, mindset and money!

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