The Anatomy of the Perfect Content For a Starting Affiliate Marketer

In today's internet marketing landscape, content is king. Right after Google's Panda and Penguin updates, the search engine algorithm has favored information rich pages. This simply makes quality copywriting one of the best affiliate techniques today. It brings in traffic, and it favors the Google spiders. The gold standard of the effective affiliate techniques is measured through the traffic and the conversion that it delivers to the site. So what makes a good content that every affiliate marketer should know?

1. Original
The originality of the content is an important thing to consider. Google can instantly slap the webmaster with a penalty when there is an incident of copying. This is also a futile attempt to update the website considering the algorithm of Google today. If, in case, you are getting guest bloggers, or hiring web copywriters, it is preferred to use a software in order to trace those that don't have the initiative to make an original content.

2. Engaging
One of the things that make the internet a great tool for communication is the engagement that it could create from your readers. Other than traffic, the number of comments should also be the barometer if the content is good or not. Though, there will be a downside of filtering link builders from occupying the comment section, the benefits will outweigh these things. The comment section is inviting reputable bloggers to interact on your site.

3. Elicit Sharing
One of the best affiliate techniques used by internet marketing gurus is the social media networks. With over 1 billion users on Facebook, getting your content shared on users' timeline is a big deal especially when targeting an audience with similar interests. This is the reason why you must always write not only to update the site but to provide informative content to your readers.

4. 2000 Words
Content marketing is a tricky subject. Though Google is saying that as long as the content is high quality, original and informative that they will not have any problem with it, unfortunately, long and high quality content is what readers and spiders prefer. Based on the studies, the conversion of content with 2000 plus words can trigger a better reaction than the short 500 word posts. This simply means that there is a lot of wiggle room for discussion. Because most online users today are particular about the amount and kind of information that they are getting, in depth discussions are getting the upper hand over short and generic ones.

5. Use of Strategic Keywords
Affiliate techniques should know the use of different strategic keywords. Keywords will play a great role in SEO. For instance, long tail keywords are not widely used by webmasters, and yet, there is a growing demand for them! Google keyword research tool and even paid software should be the best things that you can use in order to analyze the competition and even the amount of backlinks for each keyword before utilizing them in your content. However, keep in mind that it is always imperative to use the keywords naturally at all cost.

6. Use Eye Catching Multimedia and Headlines!

Content marketing strategies used in today's World Wide Web is no longer linear and simple. People no longer have the patience to read through a text without seeing something aesthetically pleasing. This is the reason why the proper formatting and addition of multimedia on your content are the keys to keep your readers engaged.
Just to prove that this is the current attitude of online readers, Google favored photos, videos, and headlines over those contents that don't have them. Simply put, not only is this good for your readers' short attention span, but also for SEO.

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