7 Simple Secrets to Discover Your Purpose and Get Paid For Your Passion

Are you living your purpose and sharing your passion while being handsomely rewarded for doing it? I am. You? This week's topic is all about discovering your purpose and getting paid for your passion. Today, I'm so excited to share with you my seven simple secrets to discover your purpose and get paid for your passion.

Business Lessons From Plastering Holes Punched in the Ceiling

Up until this week, my house had holes punched in the ceiling. To be more exact, there were four squarish holes carefully scattered like stars in the night sky across my ceiling... except they didn't twinkle and they let the dust into the lounge room and kitchen. And I hated them!

9 Website Tweaks You Can Do This Weekend (Even If You Are Not a Web Copywriter)

Many of my copywriting projects are website renovations where businesses have an existing website but find that it isn't converting lookers to clients. Or they may have a website that isn't performing well in the search engines, which means that potential clients can't find them.

Building Attendance For Your Events

You are organizing the event of the year. What's your worst nightmare? No one shows up.

So whether you are organizing a conference, customer event or a tradeshow, it's often what you do before (way before) the event that makes it a success-building attendance.

10 Quick Checks That Will Instantly Boost the Effectiveness of Your Words

We rely on written communication to share information and to prompt action. But once we hit send or publish, our words are out there for all to see. Make a mistake, and on Google they are etched as permanently as a tattoo on your forehead.

A Web of Social Logins

When asked to fill in information on a website, most people will think twice. It's not a matter of putting their information out there, the majority of these people have some form of social media profile; it's a matter of taking the time to do so. There is now a way information can be linked from one site to another with the click of a link. What better way to share user information and save time than to have one database connected to the rest? Businesses have been utilizing this concept allowing a person to connect via their social media page and register quickly. The business has all the information when access is granted by the user and the user benefits from not having to spend time filling in registration forms.

Email or Text Marketing - Which Is More Beneficial?

Being in business means always staying alert to discover the most lucrative, cost effective, methods to bring more traffic into your establishment or onto your website. It's not enough to simply open your doors or launch your site and expect that you will be a success. Customers have to find you and know what it is that you have to offer. It used to be that direct mail or some other form of print media was the most commonly used method. Pretty costly though when you consider the expense when compared to the actual return on investment. Some of you reading this may still be effectively using print media and I commend you. However, may I suggest that you're not maximizing your reach or profitability.

All About the E-Patient Revolution

The growth in information technology has sparked various revolutions. It has led to breakthrough advances in the field of medicine and available treatment options. Patients are now demanding better services as well as hold an expectancy of being a part of the decision making process concerning their health.

Growing Your Business With Gratitude!

I know that many women entrepreneurs work really, really hard in constant efforts to achieve more. I am often asked about my approach to this.

The one habit that has served me well, both in good times and in bad times, has been to have an attitude of gratitude. With Canadian Thanksgiving just around the corner, I want to devote this article to the whole concept of gratitude - in efforts to shift some of your thinking to the present moment.

Marketing Sustainability

Many businesses attempt to navigate today's economic landscape using the same old marketing gimmicks. It just won't work. Today's organizations need to understand marketing sustainability and how to utilize it.

Are You Executing a Modern Direct Mail Campaign?

You've got to admire direct mail marketing. One of the oldest forms of advertising around and it continues, in 2013, to be a relevant part of many businesses' marketing budgets. While many marketers are jumping from the hot next digital trend to the next, direct mail is the old workhorse that continues to create brand awareness and generate new customers (it might surprise you to know that several digital giants like Google also uses mail marketing).

The Importance of Call Scripts

As soon as your employee answers the phone your customer's experience with your business has begun. Setting the tone with a helpful, professional call can mean the difference in gaining a lifelong customer or sending them running to the competition. A powerful customer service call script that trained employees follow can increase sales and improve customer loyalty.