A Web of Social Logins

When asked to fill in information on a website, most people will think twice. It's not a matter of putting their information out there, the majority of these people have some form of social media profile; it's a matter of taking the time to do so. There is now a way information can be linked from one site to another with the click of a link. What better way to share user information and save time than to have one database connected to the rest? Businesses have been utilizing this concept allowing a person to connect via their social media page and register quickly. The business has all the information when access is granted by the user and the user benefits from not having to spend time filling in registration forms.

Allowing visitors to comment and login with social networks reduces the nuisance of registering for the user and allows a company to personalize their website when the registered user revisits the domain. Having permission-based access to a person's social media content let the website individualize content for that person the next time they log into that website. This creates a better bond between the company and its targeted audience because it now knows how to target them. With businesses having a choice of where to market, Facebook has the highest number of business pages, reaching nearly 18 million.

The 18 million figure counts as of the end of Q2 - June 30th. It represents a growth rate of about a million new pages each month over the past three month. (1)

Facebook appears to be the most used because it is the social media network that most people use. Out of all internet users, 67% use Facebook; the next closest being Twitter users who follow at 16%.

Many apps and websites have found success using Facebook as a login platform. A recent study and infographic by Gigya, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer in apps, examines just how prevalent Facebook login is across the internet.

Gigya found that 52 percent of social logins happen through Facebook, with Google taking 24 percent (and that figure is rising), and Yahoo at 17 percent. (2)

Which social media site was preferred as of the 2nd quarter in 2013? Though Google + is steadily gaining popularity, Facebook remains the favorite.

There is huge benefit to marketing business through social media sites through social logins and companies are starting to realize this. The numbers for social media logins will only continue to rise.

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