Growing Your Business With Gratitude!

I know that many women entrepreneurs work really, really hard in constant efforts to achieve more. I am often asked about my approach to this.

The one habit that has served me well, both in good times and in bad times, has been to have an attitude of gratitude. With Canadian Thanksgiving just around the corner, I want to devote this article to the whole concept of gratitude - in efforts to shift some of your thinking to the present moment.

Some of my habits of gratitude have included the following:

1) SENDING THANK-YOU NOTES. We send thank-you notes to all kinds of people involved in our business - former clients, current clients, new clients, vendors, sponsors at events, referral partners, my coach, my master mind colleagues and more.

2) MAKING THANK-YOU PHONE CALLS. I get great pleasure from making surprise thank-you calls on a Friday - to clients, former clients, colleagues, etc. - just to say thanks and how can I support you. It's such fun to hear their voice on the other end of the line - because so very few people just pick up the phone these days to acknowledge others.

3) UNEXPECTED GIFTS. It's also a pleasure to send unexpected gifts to others - it doesn't have to be something big, flashy or expensive. It's the thought that counts. And it is so much fun when it is least expected.

4) UNEXPECTED SUPPORT. When you are able to offer the gift of time and/or support - that also warms the heart. Remember the 'good ol' days' when neighbors cared for neighbors. Well, you can do the same in business. Pay attention to what is going on in the business of your friends - and offer a helping hand when you can. It warms the heart.

When I made huge changes in my life a number of years ago, it became clear to me that I still had much for which to be grateful. This attitude has kept me balanced, focused, and conscious of what really matters. I live a happy life. I run a happy business. And for that, I am very grateful.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, I am grateful for:

1. My faith.

2. My family - especially my brother, Art, who is always there for me, no matter what!

3. My friends - my circle of girlfriends is like gold to me - you know who you are!

4. My team - this business would not run, nor grow, without the support of my amazing global team.

5. My health. When in business, good health is everything!

6. My home and my home office. I have worked hard to create this fabulous environment and for that, I am grateful.

7. Money in the bank. It enables me to continue to go and grow the business.

8. My clients - without whom I would not be living my purpose.

9. My business coach - she teaches and inspires me to be my best.

10. My discipline and great habits - with which I am able to continually grow my business.

Practice the attitude of gratitude each day and see the difference it makes in the world around you. I hear people saying that it is difficult to think about 5-10 things each day for which to be grateful. I say - it's a habit. Begin with 1 item and develop the habit. You will begin to easily find things throughout your day for which you are grateful - because when you look for the good, you find the good!

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