7 Simple Secrets to Discover Your Purpose and Get Paid For Your Passion

Are you living your purpose and sharing your passion while being handsomely rewarded for doing it? I am. You? This week's topic is all about discovering your purpose and getting paid for your passion. Today, I'm so excited to share with you my seven simple secrets to discover your purpose and get paid for your passion.

Now, you may have heard the term. "Do your life's work, and the money will come." Or "Do what makes you happy" You've probably heard this before, but you're also probably not sure exactly how living your purpose fits in to your business, let alone how to get paid for your passion.

Allow me to share my insights on 'WHAT' you must know to discover your purpose and get paid for your passion. 'WHY' you must get paid for living the life you were meant to live, and the number one thing that's holding you back. If you ever wondered why you're not making more in your business and have had the suspicion that you're currently not doing the work you're here to do, you are in for a REAL treat. I promise!

I truly believe getting crystal clear on your purpose and passion can change everything about your business and life. Everyone has something special and that makes you stand out from others. So "Do what makes you happy."

Let's paint the big picture together for a moment. Imagine a mountain - let's call it a Magic Mountain, with a CASTLE at the top. And you are in your "soul searching" journey. There are different learning experiences, life lessons. You are at the bottom, in your comfort zone. The next level up is the "confusion" zone and then the next level up comes the "clarity." The key point is that you can't live your purpose if you don't learn your life's lesson.

Now your business is an expression of your purpose. So to get paid for your passion, you absolutely must have a business that expresses your purpose, and it really is that specific.

Remember that it's the inner work that creates the outer experience, not the other way around. If there is a struggle on the outside, there is a struggle on the inside. And we are either moving up or moving down. It's very important for you to step back from your life and go, "Why am I doing these things? What am I hoping to gain? How do I bring a spiritual piece, meaning the mind-set, heart-set, soul-set and Universal principles, into my own business?" So, let's dig a little bit deeper.

7 Simple Secrets to Discover Your Purpose and Get Paid For Your Passion

1. Decide what you don't want

You must have 'Clarity of Intention' because when you do, the Universe conspires with you to make it happen. And the best way to figure out what you want is to figure out what you DON'T want first. The biggest challenge is that most people don't: #1. Dream BIG enough, #2. Know what they want, and #3. Most people are not clear enough in ASKING. So decide what you don't want today.

2. What do you TRULY want?

Take into account some practical considerations. Get clear on "Where do you live? How much do you make? What do you do?" and meaningful considerations: "What difference do you make? What is your legacy? What are you remembered for?"

To help you go deeper here, let's play the 'Billionaire Game.' Imagine your IDEAL Life 3 years from now. In all areas: financial, professional, personal, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, relationships, family, contribution, and so forth. You get the picture. Make a list of all the things you DO want. For example, what you like/love to do now ( that you are a billionaire). What activity makes you the happiest? If time and money were not factors, what would you most like to study and/or learn how to do? What is your dream? What is your big goal? What is it that you really want in life? What is the most important to you? What's your highest value? Get clear on all these things. Clarity is really important. In business, Clarity = Clients! The critical key here is to align with your passion and purpose.

3. What's your BIG why behind it all?

Know WHY you want this. "Until thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment." - James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

WARNING: Be careful about the big WHY behind it all wanting money for money's sake is not the same as saying, "Universe, I know I am here for a HIGHER purpose and I am overjoyed to accomplish this task, but I need lots of help to make manifest this vision."

Here's a hint to help you. Pay close attention to what section of the bookstore you gravitate to and what books are on your bookshelf. Go even deeper, ask yourself and be totally honest: "What stirs your soul? What makes your heart beat faster and stronger? What inspires you? What really makes you get out of the bed in the morning? What are you most proud of having accomplished at this point in your life?" And above all, define success. What does success mean to you? It's all part of the process. Listen to the answers you're getting and trust the process. Let your passion and purpose unfold!

4. What are YOU passionate about? What are your TRUE passions?

(Passion 1, 2, 3)

NOTE: What challenges might your passion help you to overcome? How will your passion contribute to the desires and needs of others? Will this passion move you toward your purpose in life? If so how?

5. What would you do for FREE, all day long, and still feel passionate about?

Here's a clue: What gives you untold energy when you do it? You'll want to describe your "Perfect Day" - If you had all the money you needed, where and how would you live? If your answer is: "I don't know." Take a moment to get some momentum and some inspiring ideas. Find out: Who inspires you and why? Who is your Role Model and Why? Who in history do you admire most, and Why? How can you become more like this person?

6. What do you want to leave for others after you are gone? Be specific.

In other words, what do you want for yourself, for others, for life personally? What is truly most important to you? What do you want, professionally, for your clients, community and the world? Why do you do what you do? What do you offer that is unique and/or excites you? At the end of your life, what do you think you would most regret not having done for yourself?

7. What is a dream or goal that you've given up on?

Look back in time and be aware of what goal or part of your life you've put on the back burner because the 'time isn't right,' and what part of you is just waiting for the right person and/or the right opportunity to catalyze it.

Make a decision and declare it. Believe it's on its way. Let go of obstacles to your believing. Just believe. Watch for signs and happy coincidences. Take action on signs and opportunities. "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." - Goethe

When you discover your purpose and you express that through your business, you start getting paid for your passion. It helps you to keep focused on what you really want. You become who you dream of being - the best version of your authentic you - avoiding all that self-doubt and negativity.

Once we get to the CLARITY, it's fabulous. Our purpose is what comes most easily to us. Each of us is unique and different, and for myself, when I recognized this, I literally designed my yearly authentic business success road map aligned with my passion and purpose. It makes all the difference in the world. Now I'm really focused and I truly don't invest my time, energy and money in things that don't have some specific link to living my purpose and sharing what I'm passionate about.

Authentic Business Success In Action

Get crystal clear and focus on what you TRULY want. "Where attention goes, energy flows." In growing your authentic business success as an enlightened entrepreneur to the next level, like I am doing now, you get that you will have resistance if you keep doing it the way you have been doing it. You need to walk more towards your passion and purpose, and when you do, things unfold so quickly and so beautifully that it's shocking sometimes how fast things happen.

Say 'YES' to living your purpose and get paid for your passion. Get focused and start designing your own authentic business success road map that you can follow right away. But don't take my word for it. The only way you are going to find out is to experience it. That's the ONLY way. Experience it. What that feels like.

A final word of wisdom: "Creation works with joy, not negativity." If your inner voice is negative, you instantly know it's NOT truth. This is a mindset issue. And this mindset challenge is what separates fulfilled and successful entrepreneurs from unfulfilled and unsuccessful entrepreneurs, because those who are fulfilled and successful are willing to do 'the work' while the unfulfilled and unsuccessful ones are not. And this is where mindset comes in. As they say, "When you are interested, you do what's convenient, but when you're committed, you do whatever it takes."

When you are committed to living your purpose through your business, and when you do so, you immediately step into the bigger version of yourself, which means you serve so many more people on Earth, and therefore you are handsomely rewarded for it. When you do that you are fulfilling your purpose, sharing your passion, achieving your dreams and you are saying 'YES' to the opportunity - all while getting paid for it. And that's when MAGIC happens. Magic happens when you are building a thriving, profitable, successful business while being AUTHENTIC and ALIGNED with your PASSION and PURPOSE.

However, there is one thing that could be holding you back. And that is the number one obstacle entrepreneurs face: that's F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). Fear of Success or Fear of Failure, Fear of doing the wrong thing right now.The best news is you can never be doing the wrong thing. It's always an alignment. Everything is leading you to your purpose.

So discover your unique purpose and get paid for your passion because once you know it you can't not know it. And you start being in alignment with everything you do both professionally and personally. And this is what I call Authentic Business Success as an Enlightened Entrepreneur. And this is why I created the seven simple secrets I've been revealing to you so you too can discover your purpose and get paid for your passion.

"God's gift to you is more talent and ability than you could possibly use in your lifetime. Your gift to God is to develop as much of that talent and ability as you can in this lifetime." - Steve Bow

"What your mind can dream up can absolutely become a reality."

Just one more thing. And it's about the 'HOW' because we've talked about the 'WHAT' and 'WHY.' You don't need to worry about the 'HOW.' Most people don't make the decision until they see the 'how.' But the 'how' doesn't show up until you make the decision.

"Do not worry about how. It is all taken care of for you as long as you do your part of thinking, acting, speaking and being in accordance with that dream. Just dream, visualize, and then start doing something. Do the next thing that you feel you should do in accordance with that dream, and keep moving. The little that you do triggers something else you had not foreseen and on and on this goes until it completes." - David Cameron Gikandi

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