Get Fresh Leads With Newsletter Advertising

Did you know that 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email?

That's why companies like eBay, Amazon, Zappos and other online stores put a lot of effort in their direct marketing materials. Their newsletter subscribers are their best customers and best marketers.

More than 70% of their subscribers are most likely to share useful content via email and emails with social sharing links has 158% more chances of getting shared. These statistics show that the odds are on the email marketer's favor. However, many still fail because they buy an email lists instead of building one. They get a list that has already been saturated by other email offers and full of dead or inactive ones that pull their deliverability rate down.

The key to getting higher response rate is to build an email list full of subscribers that are:

    genuinely interested in what you have to offer
    into the habit of buying things online
    fresh or have not been saturated with email marketing offers

The best sources are lists of bigger and more established online stores. These companies are very protective of their list. They don't send anything that is not relevant to their product and they make sure there is value in what they send their subscribers.

The respect these brands show their subscribers made their subscribers trust the content they send. Their emails become a welcome thing. Whatever and whenever they send an email to their list, it is opened and trusted.

What email marketers need to do is get access to these lists.

Boom of Newsletter Advertising

Recently, more and more newsletter senders are allowing access to their list by selling ad space on their newsletters. Those who want to reach their list can place a text-based ad on these newsletters.

Those who are building a list can put a link to their landing page on their ads.

Advantages of Newsletter Advertising

Higher Click Through. Given that the ads are text-based, it doesn't appear like a traditional ad, increasing the chances of a click through.

Subscribers who buy. These subscribers are also "used" to buying things online. That is why they are subscribing to an email marketing list in the first place. You don't have to waste your time convincing them that they will get more value whenever they transact online because they are already doing that.

Endorsement of a trusted source. The best part, however, is that your link is being sent by a trusted source. Whatever reputation and relationship the newsletter owner has with its subscribers, get spilled over to you.

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