Do You Have Staying Power?

This is the question that your potential clients are asking when deciding if they will work with you or not.

You've heard the saying that actions speak louder than words. What do I mean by that, you ask? I'm glad you ask. Just telling someone that you've been doing what it is you do for years isn't enough, often times. What they really want to know is that if they purchase your product or service will you be around for the duration. If they have a problem or question can they count on you to be there?

You have to show them that you have staying power. How do you show them staying power? They want to see consistency.

Here three simple ways you can show consistency:

  1.     Presence - They see you out there on a consistent bases. If you're local based that could be out at networking events, conferences, or hosting your own events! It could also include social media too, especially if you're national or global.
  2.     Offers - You offer your products or services on a regular bases. This let's them know that you plan to be around.
  3.     Program lengths - When you're offering programs that extend over a point of time like 6 to 12 months.

The other thing you can offer, it might not show staying power, but it does give potential clients comfort that if they don't like the product/service or if it doesn't work for them they can return it and request a refund. So they have nothing to lose. In my world, I call mine "My Feeling Fabulous Guarantee."

It could even be your newsletter that you publish weekly, biweekly, or monthly. The key is to be displaying staying power with your actions that will get clients to say yes to what you offer.

I've had a client say, "I've been following you for a while, before your book came out," which at the time was 2 years ago. Sometimes they just like to watch for a while before they take action.

Your Assignment: Structure your business in a way that shows those that follow you that you have staying power. Send your newsletter on a consistent bases, display the length of your programs on your website and in your marketing material, or have testimonials where clients share how long they've been working with you. Pick one or do them all, but display your staying power.

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