Five Steps to Make Your Website a Client Attraction Magnet

If you want your website content to attract clients, you need to know how to speak their language. Here are five steps that will make your home page a client attraction magnet:

1. Provide real solutions. To capture the attention of your ideal clients, you want to talk about and provide real solutions. This proves you know what you are talking about and makes you credible.

2. Focus on results. Your web content must focus on the clients' desired results, not your methods to achieve them. Your prospects don't really care how you get the job done. They just want to know about the outcome of what you offer.

Remember your prospects want to know, "What's in it for me?" It's what they're searching for and what they want to know more than anything else. This kind of copy literally "pulls" them in which is why it's called "Pull Marketing".

3. Use questions that tap into clients' struggles. To create website content that uses pull marketing, come up with questions that are your ideal clients' pain points - what they struggle with and what keeps them up at night. To discover this language, think about the results people get from working with you and the advantages you have vs. competitors. Also, figure out what makes you a credible resource.

When you can address the conversation already going on in a person's head, they'll feel like you know them. When people feel understood, they get comfortable with you and this establishes a foundation of trust, the essential quality needed to land new clients.

4. Start with the toughest question. Put the hardest hitting question at the top of the page, followed with a description about what you offer - the results and solutions. I recommend using no more than three pull marketing questions total on the home page to keep the copy simple.

5. Tell visitors what to do. Lastly, make it clear what you want visitors to do on your website. Put your primary objective first.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Come up with answers to these questions for strong website content:

1. What results do your clients get from working with you?

2. What advantages do you have vs. your competitors?

3. What makes you a credible resource?

4. Why should clients choose you?

Think about your ideal clients' biggest problems, challenges and worries. Then create provocative questions to ask web visitors that show how you already understand their needs.

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