How to Overcome Your Fears and Self Sabotage

Could you be experiencing self sabotage? Sometimes as a new business owner gets clear about what they offer and their marketing message, good things start to happen. But then, you might hit a bump in the road where resistance shows up. For example, you might meet prospects who are excited to work with you, but they don't become clients for a variety of reasons.

If you find this happening in your business, here's what I recommend. I'm sharing the exact process I used several years ago to clear up self sabotage for myself. Write down every single negative thing you say to yourself about what it means to be successful in your business. Also write down any negative beliefs as well as all the fears you have about your success. Put it all down on paper.

Some typical things that might show up on your list are:
  •     Fear of your success
  •     Fear you might fail
  •     Fear of being overwhelmed
  •     Feelings of inadequacy
  •     Fear of jeopardizing your marriage
  •     Loss of free time
  •     Worry about your children
  •     Losing friends or alienating family
  •     Not wanting to get too busy
All of these fears can be lodged in your subconscious mind and create self sabotage. We all have these fears. However, these subconscious beliefs or fears that are not congruent with where you want to go and all the good stuff happening, you can muck up your success. Your subconscious thoughts need to be aligned with your vision of success, so you don't create any self-sabotage that gets in the way of attaining your dreams.

Take your list to a professional who can help you work through the fears and negative thoughts. Seek out an EFT practitioner, a hypnotherapist or an intuitive healer. I've done all these things and still work with an intuitive healer who helps me figure out the cosmic stuff and sort out things from the past that might get in the way.

This is the single best thing I did for my mindset years ago to understand what was driving me or getting in the way. This worked really well for me, eliminating any potential self-sabotage. The following year, I made a million dollars in my business-so you can see it works!

Your Client Attraction Assignment

If this sounds familiar and you might be experiencing self sabotage, take out a sheet of paper and start making your list of fears and negative thoughts about success right now. Dig deep and turn over all the rocks to discover what might be getting in your way. Then select a practitioner to help you work through these concerns to make way for the success you dream of.

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