How to Get Started With Content Marketing for Your Small Business

There are various modes of content marketing and it is vital for every small business to identify the vehicles that can be the most effective to their business. When you use the right content marketing tools, it will leave a lasting impression about your brand. One very important point to get started with content marketing is to remember not to hard-sell you your prospects and clients. Although it is quite natural to encourage users to buy through your content, your focus should not be on selling. Let us take a look at some useful content marketing tools you can use for your small business.

Case Studies

These are one to two page documents that help readers understand how your products or services have helped a customer solve his/her problem. By making case studies available to readers you establish credibility for your company. This is owing to the fact that the client or situation you mention in the case study is something that the readers can relate to. A case study usually comprises of outlining a problem, providing a detailed solution and summarizing the results. If you are in a business-to-business market, this toll will be very helpful.

Write Blogs

Blogs are very commonly used by businesses these days as it allows you to reach out to prospects and existing customers. Blogs are easy to share on various social media platforms which can be used for community building and is also a great way of establishing though leadership in the industry you are in. Blogging can be an excellent way for small business in building awareness and reaching out to local customers. The best way to use the blogging tool is to engage in daily or at least bi-weekly blog posts.


With video sharing platforms like YouTube, you can share information and advertise your business in an inexpensive way. You do not need to invest in commercial type of advertising. Small businesses can easily compile an assortment of video shots or photographs of their products for viewers to see. The video can also include video footage of your production or warehouse. For a really effective video, request a past satisfied customer to record a testimonial so that the customer's experience with your business can reach out to several other viewers.


Lists can be better defined as a type of content in which you rank different aspects of a specific topic. For instance, if your business deals in garments, you can list down the top ten trends in the fashion industry. You must remember to thoroughly research the topic before creating any lists. Also the approach you have used for your rankings must be clearly established so that the readers will know that the information provided is genuine.

White Papers

These are one of the most popular and widely used forms of content marketing even today. They are usually 7-10 pages long and explain in great detail, research findings or topics that are complex. You can generate white papers in various designs and formats. They prove useful in times when your white paper is used as a reference during research. It helps create brand awareness in such situations.

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