Common Tactics of Reputation Management Services

A reputation management agency is employed by individuals and companies to promote their good points, and to correct any false statements that may be adversely affecting them. People love to read gossip. This is evident by the number of gossip rags that are for sale beside every check-out counter. When the gossip is detrimental to the reputation of a person or a company it can cause them financial hardships as well as many personal hardships.

A reputation management agency is hired by companies because so many people have web access that more people than ever can be exposed to a rumor or a bad review of the company and its policies. The reputation management agency has employees that surf the web and find these bad pieces of press and they do what they can to take them out of the limelight and replace them with stories that show the company in a positive light.

There are many different tactics that the reputation management agency will use when they start applying reputation management services for their clients. Some of the most popular tactics used during reputation management services are:

• Improving the search engine rankings of webpages and materials that the company has on the internet.
• Improving the search engine rankings of any white pages the company has that post customer reviews about the company, their services, and their products.
• Creating social media profiles for the company on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
• Writing online press releases about the company and the products they have now, as well as coming attractions.
• In cases where someone has blatantly accused the company of something they did not do the agency will submit requests that the postings be taken down and removed from the internet.
• Offering free products to people so they will try them and write a review about the product or the company
• Getting third parties to mention the company on their websites, social media accounts, and blogs.
• Join forum discussions so they have the opportunity to bring the subject of the company or brand up in discussion and spin the discussion in a positive light.
• Search the web constantly for positive and derogatory mentions of the company so that anything that is said can be responded to quickly.

Your reputation is the opinion that others have of you. If people do not think very much of your business or the way you conduct your business they will share this opinion with everyone they can. If people are pleased with you they will also share that information with everyone they can. Sometimes things get written and someone takes a part of the statement out of context, and creates a mark against you, in the eyes of others. Most company heads are too busy to watch out for every time this happens so they hire agencies that concentrate all of their efforts into these types of actions. It is easier to stop a snowball from rolling downhill if you reach it before it goes more than a couple of feet. Stopping a rumor is easier in the early stages as well.

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