Merchandise Marketing for Tattoo Shops

Merchandise is a great way to market your tattoo shop and take advantage of the customers who love your shop and artwork. There are both less and more expensive options for merchandise marketing. I will go through ideas for different types of merchandise, and how to sell or give them to your customers.

Stickers and Patches

Stickers or patches are a simple and easy way to get your tattoo shop name out there. These stickers can be offered as incentives to upcoming promotions. Designs for stickers are often your logo and name, or another recognizable image that will remind them of your tattoo shop. I recommend a bold, simple design for stickers as they are usually a smaller medium to work with. Stickers are often ordered in bulk, and generally are given away for free or for a very low price. The price of your sticker depends on how large and expensive they were to order. I suggest giving stickers away for promotions, and charging a small fee outside of promotional purposes.

Examples of great sticker promotions:

"Everyone who gets a tattoo this saturday gets a free sticker!"

"Bring a friend to our tattoo shop and get a bumper sticker."

"Show us a photo of our tattoo shop sticker on your car and get 5% off!"

T-Shirts and Hoodies

Clothing including shirts, hats, and hoodies are another common example of merchandise-based marketing for your tattoo shop. Someone wearing your logo also markets for your shop on its own. One of the best tips I have for clothing is to have at least two design options.

Design 1: Standard, bold shop logo and name

Design 2: Bright, intricate artwork design and name or logo

These two designs allow your customers to advertise with a simple design because they love your shop and want to represent it, or choose a design because they like how it looks. I would also recommend rotating the artwork designed apparel with new designs and drawings seasonally or yearly. This keeps the interest in new shirt designs, while still allowing a regular logo shirt to be purchased consistently.

Flash and Artwork

A great thing to capitalize on for being a tattoo artist is the artist aspect. Selling your artwork is a great way to bring revenue into your business, along with promoting your tattoo shop. Often, artists will sell sheets of flash, full paintings, and books of artwork. Prices should reflect how much the art cost to make, how long it took, and how large it is. Therefore you can easily make a variety of artwork pieces that can be for sale at various prices. Making art to sell is a great way for your apprentice to bring money into the shop also.

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