What 50 Shades of Grey and Your Website Have In Common

One of life's deepest pleasures for someone who loves to read is browsing for a new book to lose yourself in.

You enter a bookstore brimming with traditional paper books, nestled tightly together on the shelves - coyly only displaying their spines.

You run your gaze lovingly across the spines, until your eye is captured by a particular title. You reach out and slide the book from the shelf, glancing at the images on the front cover to see if they reach out to you... tempting you to want to know more.

You turn the book in your hands, enjoying the feeling of paper and smooth cardboard. You read through the short description on the back - trying to sense from these few words if this book will be the answer to what you are looking for.

You face a decision point. If the book didn't touch you, you put the book back on the shelf with a sigh... to keep searching for the one that answers your needs.

If the book was one that tantalised you, you glance through the contents and then start to read the first chapter - to get a feel for the writer and their story. You are either seduced by the words and choose to go deeper by buying the book, or you choose to leave the book unread and the story returned to wait for the next potential reader.

Your website is the same as a book. Your clients experience the same process of questioning and satisfaction when they are looking for something on the web.

They first look at the titles of websites displayed through Google's search. The right title is crucial. Without words that clearly identify what your site is about - then Google will not return your site in search results.

Your page titles are one of the most important on-page SEO factors. Calling your page title "Home" is akin to calling a book "Book". Your title must be both specific as well as convey information about your site contents.

Take a look at your website in a browser. What is your Home page title called?

Google serves these titles to searchers in the same way that book titles are shown on a shelf. If your title captures the attention of your potential client, they will click through to your site.

They will glance at your cover (home page) to see if the images and design are enticing and makes them want to know more. They will read the short blurb that tells them what the book is about (your text on your home page) and they then may either click away or dig deeper into your site.

Only if you have captured their interest through your images and words, will they choose to take the next step and either buy or contact you.

Is your website tantalising? Does it entice, seduce and satisfy? Or is it vanilla? Your site has more in common with 50 Shades than you may think.

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