Nonprofit Marketers Should Understand People

if you want your nonprofit to evolve and to reach your audience,should understand marketing. To understand marketing, you must understand people and their nature. Even if your number one objective is to save the whales, you have to understand what makes people tick. Therefore, marketers should take it upon yourself to learn more about their target market.

Nonprofit Target Audience

The most successful marketers understand their target market. The best place to start is knowing who you are trying to reach. This will help you determine how you will present your message. It also helps you decide on the best distribution channels to reach your audience. For example, if you want to reach vegans, it's might not be a good idea to buy advertisement in a meat lover's magazine.

Four Major Generations of People

There are four major generations that should be the targets of your marketing. These people are already involved with other nonprofits. They are volunteers, donors and clients. The four major generations:

  •     Silent Generation (born: 1925-1945)
  •     Baby Boomers (born: 1946-1964)
  •     Generation- X (born: 1965-1979)
  •     Millennial Generation (born: 1980-1996)

Each of these generations are different. They have different needs and differ in perspectives. Let's take a look at the silent generation. Those born in the U.S,. came to age in a difficult period. The country was going through hard times - an economic depression or a world war. Nonetheless, the silent generation is also known as the Lucky Generation - the U.S experienced nonstop growth from 19450-2000. People of the Silent Generation are more likely to believe in duty and honor.

Another example of a Major Generation would be the Millennial Generation (also known as Generation Y). This generation is still coming of age. They are growing up in a consumer driven era. They have a wide range of options vying for their time and money. Gen Y can afford to be choosy. They are technological wizards. Social media is an important tool for them. They use it to develop relationships.

Please note, that the category is about the individual. It is not about stereotypes. Instead its about looking at macro level trends. People in each generation tend to have similar experiences. They have similar perspectives which create a common background. This is a starting point to marketing your nonprofit organization to individual people. But be aware that these people are of a certain demographic. Your goal is to create messages to reach your target market. You want them to get involved with your cause.

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