Does My Startup Business Need a Website?

Websites range from brochure sites to blog sites to programming sites. Assuming that your company doesn't have a website on the internet, but that you want to create one in order to market your business; we'll try to provide some tips on what to look for.

If you've just started your new business or are thinking about starting one-you might be wondering if your business needs a website to accompany its launch and while business might rely on the internet, the internet is not your business. It's just a vehicle, a means to getting your business noticed. So whether or not your startup will need a website boils down to a question of business modeling and how the website will support your main business goals.

To start, there are a few things that you should think about before speaking to a website designer:

"Can I afford it?"

Websites vary in cost, from $800 for a simple design, up to $8,000 for a complex web application, so outline the scope of the website in as much detail as possible, Compare the competition. Remember, It's OK if you start with just one page! You can add new content when you get around to it. Just make sure that the one page is a good one.

"How will the website drive business?"

After you determine the cost, you'll want to think about how much you'll get back from investing in a website. For a traditional business a website is only to support your core business by appealing to audiences and making them want to shop at your store, hire your workers, or otherwise use your services. So if you're a photographer, a prospective bride may see your photos online, find that you're local business and then hire you to take pictures of her wedding.

A website is only one part of your marketing strategy, but one of the cheapest and most effective, when done correctly. You might be tempted to just do it yourself. But don't take the opinions of professionals, lightly. Do what you're good at (building a business) and let the pros do what they do best - build websites.

After analyzing your thoughts about cost, ROI, audience and any marketing concerns you may have, you should be able to decide if a website is the right answer for your business venture.

Once you decide you need a website, you can use the search engines to check out the local designers in your area to see what your next steps should be.

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